Second Sky to publish epic fantasy trilogy by G.N. Gudgion

Second Sky is delighted to announce that it will publish a thrilling epic fantasy trilogy by G.N. Gudgion.

Bookouture’s Second Sky imprint is delighted to announce that it will publish a thrilling epic fantasy trilogy by G.N. Gudgion. Jack Renninson, associate publisher (consultant), acquired world English-language rights (including audio) from Ian Drury of Sheil Land Associates. HAMMER OF FATE, the first book in the series, will publish in June 2023.

Join us on our social media profiles at 11 am (GMT) today (2nd Feb) when we’ll be revealing the cover and the full blurb, but here’s a little more about it, to whet your appetite.

Set in a world inspired by medieval combat, Viking magic and the Templar knights, the series follows a rebellious and gifted young woman who allies with the last knights of a fallen order to fight against corrupt royal and religious powers.

Renninson says,

‘It took me just one evening to blaze through the brilliant first book in Geoff’s new trilogy. Adelais is an astonishing heroine—angry, defiant and immensely charismatic—and the dangerous world that she inhabits seems vividly and completely real. This story is an incredible achievement and I’m certain that fans of exciting, character-driven fantasy will be hooked.’

Gudgion says,

‘I’m discovering a wealth of talent at Bookouture. Together we’re going to help readers discover the medieval world of The Rune Song Trilogy. It’s a partnership made in heaven—or should I say Asgard?’

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